Summer Nights Lil Rob Mp3 Ringtone

Summer Nights Lil Rob Mp3 Ringtone

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Summer Nights Lil Rob Mp3 Ringtone

Summer Nights Lil Rob Lyric

[Lil Rob:]
I’m feelin good (feelin alright tonight)
I’m feelin good now (yeah)
It’s all good in the neighborhood homes
Feelin right

I feel good, I feel alright
Cruisin through my neighborhood on a warm summer night
I feel good… that’s right
I feel good now (somethin about these summer nights)

[Chorus: Lil Rob]
(Whoa!) Summer days just sittin around
But when the sun goes down, I’ll be ready to party
(Whoa! Hey!) Ain’t nothin like them summer nights
Keep the top on drop, all the girls lookin hot
Head to bo-lo and we just don’t stop
Party until the mornin light (whoa!)
Ain’t nothin like them summer nights

[Lil Rob:]
I just kicked it at home, I polished up the chrome
Called the ruca on the phone, let her know I’m home alone
It’s, 7: 30 and the sun’s goin down
It’s a, summer night and the fun’s goin down
I pick her up and she looks all dolled up (she look good)
Sittin passenger in my rag Impala (yeah)
I let her know that she looks beautiful to me
There was another case but she is such a sight to see
The kind of woman, that would put up a fight for me
The kind of boss, to spend her summer nights with me
The temp was 80 and I’m cruisin with my lady
Playin some Ralphie Vagon, ooh baby baby
I see my homeboys and they’re cruisin in their ride (hey wassup homes)
With their ladies, sittin by their side
People think we look crazy but I think we look classy
But then again, that’s only if you ask me


[Lil Rob:]
My homeboys throwin a backyard boogie, so everybody
Gets together to unwind relax and have a fun time
The DJ’s spinnin, so I grab the mic and be like
Ain’t nothin like them summer nights
The party’s packed with beautiful women
And the gang of the homies, that wanna get with ’em
And they’ll say anything just to hit ’em
And it’s usually a nice summer night when they did ’em
I don’t know, it must be, something in the air
Can’t help but have a good time because the feelin is there
To some people, the feelin is rare
They’re at the pad sayin God damn, I wish I was there
So have a drink, have a toke and hook up
With someone fine but the kind that looks up
Gotta keep some pisto in the cup
Party until the sun comes up or we give up


[Lil Rob:]
Them summer nights can keep a smile on your face
Gotta try to have a good time with’cha life, otherwise it’s just a waste
Either way I’m gonna party just in case
Like Prince partied like it was 99 in 87, 88
I couldn’t ask for no better weather
I’m right next to the Pacific, to be specific
The candy paint job, glows under the moonlight
As I close out my summer night and say goodnight
It’s time to put the top up and park it
Drop the dump, plug the ground, roll up the windows and lock it
Walk in the pad and fall into bed
As she lays on my chest to rest her sleepy head
And we do this all night long, from dusk ’til dawn
But it’s not quite the same when summer nights are gone
But even when they’re gone it won’t be long
Eight more months then once again it’s on


[Scratched: “Fingazz on the track”]

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