Lowest Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

Lowest Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

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Lowest Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

Lowest Gucci Mane Lyric

(feat. Rich The Kid & OG Maco)

[Gucci Mane:]
No place she would rather be
Than dancing in front of me
Gucci Mane I’m from the street
But I got ice all over me
Got my dawg with me
I swear my niggas like some dobermans
Ya kill with them just ask and will
I think that they provoking me
Yellow kush I’m smoking it
Hunnid mill, make hopefully
You been close minded
One up on the kid I bet I open it
Bricksquad line I’m pushing it
Cali niggas growing it
Valley niggas cooking it and serving it, you knowing it
Some say I’m a genius with it, some say I’m a poet
Some of these niggas that wanna ball but get the ball can’t tote it
Half of these niggas that hit the mall don’t buy shit, that’s pathetic
I’m vacuum sealing and stashing this shit tryna dodge them German shepherds

The word around the town, is my price is at the lowest
It’s a low down dirty game, but I bet my niggas is the lowest
Don’t worry what I’m about to do with this money, cuz this money ain’t yours
I’m a billionaire and I’m making, but I guess these niggas don’t know it
I’m riding around in a Lambo, and I bet my car the lowest
And I like the way that she drop it down, but her friend go down the lowest
I’m counting money, I’m staying down, I’m hustling with my boys
It’s a drought in town, but I’m still good, cuz my price is the lowest

[Rich The Kid:]
It’s a drought in town, still got the pounds
Bentley Coupe, I ride around
50 straps, me and OG Mac this a kick door bitch where it’s at
Still sippin’ lean, weightin’ too much
Mothafuck 12, free Guwop
Thirteen, I was running from the cops
Jugging on niggas on the block
Go blind if ya look at this bezzle
Got so many hoes on my schedule
Bitch QC pull up flexing
Too many rocks in my necklace
I got bricks, my price is the lowest
Fucking yo bitch, I’m rich and she know it
We want a check and the respect
My young nigga pull up with tec
Dirty ass ho, can’t trust no bitch, my wrist on froze
I got the work in the bowl
Why is the dope on your nose
Niggas hating but its fuck fuck
Pass the hoes, I don’t wanna cuff
Rich nigga came from the bottom
Word around my rollie flooded


[OG Maco:]
We was waiting and start taking over
Like the mumps and measles now we running media
Make your wife a eat her
She licking sacks for the Saks Fifth
How you greet her with a mouth kiss?
Fuck ignorance
Full account is bliss
To fool em out of ere, to get your noggin split
Free Wop man, fuck feds
Always came in like the 3
Ass double Team
And we can double barrels
Get the wood [?]
Momma said she got that good head
And got a bright future, and I watch her play it
Catch a check, bitch I’m known to play ya
Dirty game in my hand full
Get a phone full of [?]
Mix it up then, then resale
Ain’t shit free so its no pity
Young mogul, I’m chasing Diddy
Ya tryna stop me make the semi hit you
Spots 12 like a body flippin’
Throwin pistols, I’ve been thinking money longer than I remember
Yea yea


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