Close To Me Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

Close To Me Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

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Close To Me Gucci Mane Mp3 Ringtone

Close To Me Gucci Mane Lyric

(feat. Waka Flocka Flame)

I know some killas that’ll kill you, to kill ya if ya close to me
I did some thangs, that I gotta keep it close to me

I know some niggas that’ll kill ya if ya close to me
I know some killas, and I gotta keep em close to me
If you a snitch, then I don’t need you standing close to me
I’m my own shooter, so I keep my pistol close to me

Don’t approach me nigga like you’re so ho while I be smoking weed
I don’t know you nigga, you don’t know me nigga so don’t come close to me
I had a girl one time, we broke up, I told that bitch to leave
I don’t need no nigga, I don’t need no bitch try to come close to me
Get away from me nigga, you standing too close, back up a couple feet
I don’t know you nigga, you don’t know me nigga, but your standing too close to me
These niggas be hoes, your my friend and my foe cause you ain’t [?]
I love my friends but I gotta keep my enemies close to me
Close call, man I swear it was a close race
Close casket, but I’ma shoot ya in yo damn face
I got so much money, that they closed the damn case
A nigga try me, cold day in hell he get away
I drop a cool code 20, make ya neck break
They say that Gucci high hid it, that’s what the vet say
Bullets rain, [?]
And all legit, but still [?]
She say I’m close to crazy, that’s what that bitch say
I say I’m close to wealthy, that’s what my wrist say
And I’m a multi-millionaire that’s what my dick say
She tryna get close to me, but I don’t want no girlfriend
She ask when am I gonna stop, I say til the world end
Pearl-face rolling, roll up with the pearl Benz

[Hook x2]

[Waka Flocka Flame:]
See I keep a scrap, I don’t play with these niggas
Rock a by baby, move jack a nigga
458 my caterpillar
One time for the real niggas
All I hang around is the real niggas
Cut throat, selling pure coke
Nigga fuck with me, murder she wrote
In a club, Frank Lucas with a minkcoat
All I need is work in a speedboat
Truck full from my amigo
Free my dogs, fuck Rico
Bitch I’m off the molly, my eyes low
Wet crew, at one time
2 times for the don game
Bricksquad, new Wu Tang
My flag red, suwoo bang

[Hook x2]

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